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What is Teky?
TEKY is one of a minority of e-retailers selling smart technology toys and education programs to empower not only the present and future generation in technology, programming and robotics, but also to improve competitive capacity in the labor market relating to the development trend of a robotic workforce and artificial intelligence.
What products build up TEKY ecosystem?
The TEKY's ecosystem has two main business areas: 1. The E-commerce platform - MEK.store specialising in smart-tech toys and the gadget matket available for all ages, aimed at global market; 2. Teky Academy is an education company with Lab chains, franchises, and online courses for children from 4 to 17 years old in 3 main categories including Programming & Application Development, Robotics & Engineering, and 3D Technology & Multimedia.
Who is part of the team behind Teky?
About 20 developers have been working on Teky. We also have roughly 10 education specialists to build STEM curriculum for Teky Academy. Our top managers are experienced and successful entrepreneurs and leaders in Ecommerce and Education. You can learn more about Teky team here.
Is this a ready product?
Yes, we have been researching and running Teky Academy in the past 2 years. Mek.store is being set up and will be launched in Q1/2018. You can learn more about our plans in the roadmap.
Can I use Teky coins (MEK) for other purposes in real life?
Definitely. MEK will be used within Teky ecosystem to pay for learning courses at Teky Academy and purchase tech products at MEK.store. We target millennial customers in the future with STEM education products and services. Therefore, MEK is the first and only token that could be used for household needs and the learning demands of kids. This will help MEK to be accepted in the community.
What does the name “Teky” mean?
Teky is a combination between “Technology” and “Kid”. Teky was founded with the mission to provide knowledge, skill sets, practical capacity and adaptability for digital citizens and a young generation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to nourish future Technopreneurs.
What is the business model?
The Teky ecosystem consist of a number of different products. Each of them has its own monetization model and some products are even free for marketing purposes. The majority of revenue will be coming from our 2 core business: 1. Mek.store with profit margin from 20-30%. 2. Teky Academy with profit margin averagely about 25%.
When can we expect the global launch?
In Q2/2018, we have planned to get access to the US and Russia markets for Teky.
How can I keep up the latest Teky developments?
You can subscribe to our website or our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Telegram.
How can I buy MEK?
You can exchange to MEK from BTC, ETH or LTC. Contribute here. We do not accept fiat money.
When can I buy MEK?
We are open for whitelist from Nov 1, 2017. You can register here and enjoy 50% token sales bonus for being early investors. Pre-ICO will be starting from Nov 11 to Dec 10, 2017. ICO sales will be in one month from Dec 15 to Jan 14, 2018.
How to add MEK to your Ethereum wallet on MyEtherWallet?
In order to add a token, you need to specify the address of the smart contract from which they were accrued to you, and specify: Name: MEK Address: 0x698d32B991eeFF6f08D0AF10E65c0219fd2f225E Decimal:6